Wednesday, 16 November 2016


We, JR RUBBER INDUSTRIES are from South of India, acclaimed for the production of wet cast tiles and paving block production. As identical to the climate of countries, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and other South Asian countries we seize both the hard rainfall and sunny days. The successive climate variations will cause the conventional paving blocks made by high density concrete compression (stamped paving blocks) slippery by the existence of Algae, fungus, Lichens and Moss, lies on most of the outdoor building courtyards, pathways, and public walkways which makes the scenario more dangerous, and unseemly appearance.

The press paving blocks lack the perfect concrete material compaction that leads to the product porous. The paving blocks paved to the terrains are exposed to the rainfall may cause water to be absorbed to this blocks, this context will make the provision for the growth of Algae, fungus, Lichens and Moss over the product. The cleanness of these blocks is regained by the power wash, which is less practiced due to its high expense and time consumption. Frequent washing on top of the paving block makes it rough by damaging the top layer.

In the advanced production technology with the rubber moulds and Vibro forming tables, the compaction of the granular concrete mixture is most economically realized with surface vibrators with a comparatively high frequency and low intensity to achieve optimum compaction of the mixed concrete particles by the Vibro Forming table. This process makes the air escaped from the mixture makes the product strong and non penetrable. After De Moulding the surface of paving blocks are coated with high-quality polish (acrylic lacquer) application thoroughly, which makes the porosity near to nil. This makes the product seems to be exceptional in its appearance and durable with long life expectancy. This saves the additional liability for cleaning and maintenance.


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