Wednesday, 16 November 2016

About JR Rubber Industries

JR Rubber Industries an ISO 9001-2008 company is a leading manufacturer and Exporter of super quality Rubber Moulds for Designer Tiles & Paver Blocks. We manufacture Rubber moulds for designer tiles, wall tiles and paving blocks and other non-standard and customized size tiles as per customer requirements. We are a pioneer organization engaged in the manufacture of high-quality Rubber moulds since 1989.

   We have developed a highly innovative solution for the tile moulds sector. Our research indicates that rubber moulds are the best available product in the market. Rubber mould are easy to handle and non toxic substance also eco-friendly to use and bio-degradable on disposal. The elastic properties of rubber make it in the most suitable material for vibroforming which cannot be claimed by wood, metal or PVC material. Rubber moulds has proper stability in its shape, highly durable and better than other products like PVC or plastic moulds not only that; its retention of dimension even after prolonged used assures the dimensionally stable and uniform products and this extended service life reduce the mould cost in long run. The elasticity and resilience of rubber moulds effectively transfers the vibration of vibroforming machine to the tile compound which ensures immense density and strength to the tiles and paver blocks.

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